We are a womxn-owned operation who uses traditional machines and techniques to empower underrepresented communities and identities in a world around us saturated by media. Through our conscious practices rooted in a culture that supersedes borders, we intertwine craft and art, lo folklórico and the printed word. Each project we undertake, whether a custom client piece or a live printing demonstration, is crafted entirely by hand, from conceptual seed to ink on paper. Because we are physically connected with every step of process, each print becomes a beautiful, functional collaboration between ourselves, our partners, the materials, and the intention. With a variety of in-house services, all types of projects are welcome. Our target clients are creative community organizations, artistic professionals, and other small businesses who understand the value of traditional craft work, a local sustainable economy, the fight for social justice, and the growing Latino presence here in Portland, Oregon.

Letra Chueca Press is co-founded by Camila Araya and Daniela Ragan. Two patiperras, hailing from Chile, who share a common vision: to operate a sustainable, multicultural space dedicated to the craft of printing and its continued political importance here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.