Hey y'all ~ Mark yr calendars for this Saturday! We'll be hocking goods & slangin' iced tea outside our shop for all you poor overheated darlins out there. Come say hi, check out the Mississippi Street Fair, and also toast farewell with us to our beloved studio space as ...

dun da da da >>>> AH! WE'RE MOVING!

Yes, folks, we put our lil' hearts & souls into this spot but the moment has come for us to relocate to other digs. So c'mon on and support your local printers.

[Pssst > If you see this flyer and give us the secret passcode *scuttlebutt* we'll give you a complementary discount on all our products. WHOOHOO]

Hola amig@s ~ Anoten la fecha en su calendario para este sábado! Vamos a vender nuestros productos y servir té helado afuera de nuestro shop para tod@s l@s pobrecit@s sobrecalenta@s. Ven a saludarnos, mirar la fería de Mississippi, y también despedirle a nuestro espacio querido como ...

(fanfarria) >>>> AI! NOS MUDAMOS!

Sip, chiquill@s, pusimos nuestros corazones y almas en este sitio pero ha llegado el momento para reubicarnos. Entonces ven a apoyar a sus impresores locales.

[Pssst > Si miren este flyer y nos den el clave secreto *scuttlebutt* les damos una descuenta complementaria en todos nuestros productos. WHOOHOO]

Post Campaign Frenzy

Hey y'all! 

If you've been wondering why we been so quiet, it's because we've been getting to work on our backer rewards. Welp, to put us up to date...

Camila traveled to Detroit to work alongside Masterprinter Amos Kennedy in his Print Plant. Oh boy, was that a treat! It was quite a change from the facilities we are used to - or about to have for that matter! But it was certainly wonderful to work in a totally new environment. She worked everyday for three weeks printing some truly fantastic things. Daniela has been busy transitioning from having a day job to printing full time and is in the middle of a big job (pics soon)! In between this and moving out the old studio - don't worry -  we are slowly chipping away at restoring the new space! We sure learned a lot today installing insulation for the first time. Our advice?


LASTLY A studio mate has donated us a dry press! What's a dry press? Well, it's basically like a giant flat iron that glues sheets of paper together or flatten things out or mounts things to other things or you get the idea. WOOHOO! Our studio is coming together piece by piece...

As Summer Winds Down

SO MUCH STARTS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW ~ Okay the blog interface prevents us from blurting everything out all at once, so we'll go for a succinct mini updates within this *MEGA META UPDATE*

Item #1: The wonderful & talented Molly Lewis of Hinged Strung Stitched (@HSSPDX) has kindly donated her etching press to LC/CL! If you don't know her stuff, check it out ~ she makes the most beautiful books and boxes, all by hand and her skills are tippy top notch. [ A lil' note: an etching press is distinct from a letterpress but this will enable us to do larger format printing of other types like etching, monoprints, collagraphy and more! ] Dang yippee for useful equipment & book friends! MANY THANKS 2 YOU DEAR MOLLY <3




* a night of connecting communities across crafts *



Comedy by Andie Main, Lucia Fasano, Danny Felts & Crystal Davis

Dream tunes by Golden Hour, Sister Palace + 1 possible surprise artist

& a live interactive printing demo by the Crooked Letter ladies themselves!

FREE! 21+ at Luchador Bar & Lounge 4835 N Albina Ave, 7-11 pm

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE YOU THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And last but not least, Item #3: We are less than $400 bones away from our goal xP Y'all are killin' it, can't wait to make you proud <3

Launching our Kickstarter Campaign


August 12, 2014

Kickstarter is a fundraising platform to give folks like us a leg up on making their dreams come true. We have been working hard this summer to put together a campaign of our own. Please check out our video posted here and go to Kickstarter to donate or for more information. Cross your fingers for us and don't forget to share our story with a friend or more!


With Our Powers Combined

We have decided to start our own studio in North Portland! It all began with a shared dream and a press that almost fell into our laps! She's a Chandler & Price 8 x 12 Old Style, built in (or very close to) 1904. We found her in Junction City, Oregon in great shape, however she suffered some damage during her move to storage. It's not irreprable by any means, but this does set us back quite a bit. We have been breaking our piggy banks and turning the couches out to get the ball rolling and we're thinking we'll need to go live with a Kickstarter campaign before the end of summer. Anyhow we are very excited! Keep your eyes waxed for more details.