Post Campaign Frenzy

Hey y'all! 

If you've been wondering why we been so quiet, it's because we've been getting to work on our backer rewards. Welp, to put us up to date...

Camila traveled to Detroit to work alongside Masterprinter Amos Kennedy in his Print Plant. Oh boy, was that a treat! It was quite a change from the facilities we are used to - or about to have for that matter! But it was certainly wonderful to work in a totally new environment. She worked everyday for three weeks printing some truly fantastic things. Daniela has been busy transitioning from having a day job to printing full time and is in the middle of a big job (pics soon)! In between this and moving out the old studio - don't worry -  we are slowly chipping away at restoring the new space! We sure learned a lot today installing insulation for the first time. Our advice?


LASTLY A studio mate has donated us a dry press! What's a dry press? Well, it's basically like a giant flat iron that glues sheets of paper together or flatten things out or mounts things to other things or you get the idea. WOOHOO! Our studio is coming together piece by piece...