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Pricing for all custom printing jobs depends on a number of variables including quantities, materials, complexity of design, binding or assembly.  The more details you can give us, they more specifically we can address your project's needs. Please read through the following info and contact us through this form so we can get back to you with an estimate. If you have a vision, bring us your ideas and questions and we will help determine what fits your project best!


Our inks are all mixed by hand, using the Pantone Matching System - Uncoated.


We use a combination of our collection of antique lead type, wood type, + photopolymer printing plates to achieve a crisp, clean impression. 


With our poster press, we can print paper up to 16 x 24”.


We recommend a minimum order size of 50 pieces, as letterpress costs are heavily weighted up front during set up, so the cost-per-piece decreases as the quantity increases. With business or calling cards, our minimum is 200.


A 50% non-refundable deposit is required once all specs have been finalized.  Balance is due at shipment.  Payment can be made via PayPal, credit card with a 5% processing fee, or by check.


Turnaround time depends on the project, with a minimum of two weeks.  Ordering specialty paper samples and press checks will add additional time. We are happy to accommodate rush orders for an additional fee when possible.

No question is too small! If you have any, please drop us a line.

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What are your paper options?

We stock several in-house papers that we love to print on. There are many paper options out there including handmade, metallic, imported, and more. We will happily work with you to find the perfect paper for your project.

Can you print photos?

Yes and no. Letterpress is a relief process where the image is delivered by applying uniform pressure. This type of printing is best suited for text large or small, line drawings, patterns, and heavy-handed illustrations. We cannot print full-color photographs. It is possible to approximate photos by using halftone plates, but this might not be the aesthetic you seek. Large planes of color are not well suited to the medium, as they appear uneven or salty. If you have questions about your design, send it on over and we will help you adapt your design.

A quick note from the printers about impression:

Traditionally printing with heavy impression was the mark of an amateur printer! We understand that times have changed and in the digital age it is important to feel the evidence of the hand in processes that are now automated. We harbor a deep respect for time and tradition, so we like to print with only slight impression best. If you are looking for a deep relief, there are steps we can take to accommodate by using polymer plates and thick, cotton or handmade papers that absorb the punch without damaging the press or the type. 

Do you do other types of printing?

Yes! Depending on your project's image, we might recommend silkscreen or risograph printing instead of letterpress.